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List Page Sources by Attributes

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Returns a list, in the Listings Pane, of the current project's page sources, organized by page source attributes (that is, according to the values of the project's various settings). Two lists are returned.


List by single attribute (value)

If an attribute value has been set for any of the project's page sources, the attribute is listed together with the page sources that have this value set. The following page source attributes are evaluated:


Client only, Server only, or Shared

Read-only or Editable (Mutable)

Persist on client or not

Load behavior

Save behavior

Reset Behavior


List by coincidence of values of all attributes

The page sources are grouped together if they have the same values for all attributes. See screenshot below.

Click to expand/collapse

Clicking a page source link highlights the page source in the Page Sources Pane.


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