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Altova MapForce 2020 Basic Edition

The resolve-uri function takes a URI as its first argument (datatype xs:string) and resolves it against the URI in the second argument (datatype xs:string).


The result (datatype xs:string) is a combined URI. In this way a relative URI (the first argument) can be converted to an absolute URI by resolving it against a base URI.


In the screenshot above, the first argument provides the relative URI, the second argument the base URI. The resolved URI will be a concatenation of base URI and relative URI, so C:\PathtoMyFile\MyFile.xml.


Note:Both arguments are of datatype xs:string and the process of combining is done by treating both inputs as strings. So there is no way of checking whether the resources identified by these URIs actually exist. MapForce returns an error if the second argument is not supplied.

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