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Altova MapForce 2020 Basic Edition

To support explicit data type conversion, several type conversion functions are available in the conversion library. Note that, in most cases, MapForce creates necessary conversions automatically and these functions need to be used only in special cases.


If the input nodes are of differing types, e. g. integer and string, you can use the conversion functions to force a string or numeric comparison.


In the example above the first constant is of type string and contains the string "4". The second constant contains the numeric constant 12. To be able to compare the two values explicitly the types must agree.


Adding a number function to the first constant converts the string constant to the numeric value of 4. The result of the comparisons is then "true".


Note that if the number function were not be used, i.e 4 would be connected directly to the a parameter, a string compare would occur, with the result being false.

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