Altova DiffDog 2024 Professional Edition

Synchronized Scrolling

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The Synchronized Scrolling command opens a sub-menu, where you can set this option separately for horizontal and vertical scrolling.


Synchronized scrolling is available in File Comparison windows. If documents extend over a horizontal or vertical length greater than the size of its containing pane, horizontal and vertical scrollbars, respectively, appear at the bottom and right of the pane, respectively. When synchronized scrolling is enabled, both documents can be scrolled simultaneously so that corresponding sections of the two documents are displayed simultaneously.


If you scroll through one document (by moving the scrollbar, clicking the scroll arrows, or using the mouse wheel) when synchronized scrolling is toggled on, the document in the other pane will also scroll (horizontally or vertically) so that the corresponding part of the document is displayed.


Please note that synchronized scrolling is possible only after a file comparison has been carried out (since the correspondence of sections in the two documents can only be determined after a comparison is made).


Settings for synchronized scrolling apply to the application as a whole, and take effect immediately for all open File Comparison windows and subsequently opened File Comparison windows.


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