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Modifying the Directory Comparison Options

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When comparing directories, the comparison mode you choose determines how the content of the directories in the left and right pane of the Directory Comparison window are compared. The basic comparison mode switch is the Quick Comparison toggle. In order to access Text Comparison Mode, or XML Comparison Mode, or Binary Comparison Mode, or Extensions Comparison Mode, Quick Comparison must first be toggled off.


You can also define which types of files will be displayed in the Directory Comparison window by applying a filter. In addition, the Diff and Merge menu offers several toggle commands which can be switched on or off via the menu:


Show Options Before Comparison

Autostart Comparison

Compare while Editing

Support Recently Compared Pairs


General options for the comparison of directories are furthermore available in the Directory comparison tab of the DiffDog Options dialog box.


Note:If a new Directory Comparison window is opened, it assumes the comparison options of the last comparison window (file or directory) to have had any of its comparison options modified.

To change the mode for directory comparison:

Do one of the following:


To use Quick Comparison Mode, toggle on Quick Comparison by selecting the menu option Diff and Merge | Compare only Size and Modification Date or activating the Quick Comparison ic_quick icon in the Comparison Mode toolbar.

Make sure that Quick Comparison is toggled off and select one of the following comparison modes from the Diff and Merge menu or activate its corresponding icon in the Comparison Mode toolbar:

Textual Comparison Only ic_text

Compare as XML ic_xml

Compare as Binary ic_bin

Compare According to File Extension Settings ic_ext

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