Altova DiffDog 2024 Professional Edition

The Windows menu provides commands to arrange and organize the display of open windows and set a theme. You can cascade open windows, tile them horizontally or vertically, and arrange document icons once you have minimized them. You can also switch to an open document window directly from the menu.



DiffDog offers the following themes: Classic (default option), Light, and Dark. When you select a theme, it is applied immediately.



Clicking the Windows command opens the Windows dialog box (see screenshot below), which displays a list of all open windows and provides commands that can be applied to the selected window(s). You can select a window by clicking on its name.


The Cascade and Tile options are available only when more than one window is selected. The Activate option is enabled only when a single window is selected.


Note:To exit the Windows dialog box, click OK; do not click the Close Window(s) button in the dialog box. The Close Window(s) button closes the window(s) currently selected in the Windows dialog box.


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