Altova DiffDog 2024 Professional Edition

Integrating DiffDog with SmartSVN

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If you are using SmartSVN ( as Subversion client, you can add DiffDog as file comparison tool, in addition to the built-in comparison tool. The configuration instructions below apply for SmartSVN 8.5, but they are likely to be similar for other versions.

To set DiffDog as the comparison tool:

1.Run SmartSVN.

2.On the Edit menu, click Preferences.

3.Under Tools, click File Compare.

4.Click Add, and select External diff tool.

5.Next to File Pattern, enter a pattern that matches file types that you wish to compare with DiffDog, for example *.xml.

6.Next to Command, enter the path to the DiffDog executable, for example C:/Program Files/Altova/DiffDog2024/DiffDog.exe.


Note:If you are using DiffDog 32-bit on a 64-bit operating system, adjust the path so that it points to C:/Program Files (x86) instead of C:/Program Files.


7.Next to Arguments, enter ${leftFile} ${rightFile}.


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