Altova DiffDog 2023 Professional Edition

Command Line Examples

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In the examples below, it is assumed that the current working directory is the directory where DiffDog is installed; therefore, all commands start with DiffDog.exe. If your working directory is different, make sure to enter the full path to the DiffDog executable instead (for example, "C:\Program Files (x86)\Altova\DiffDog2023\DiffDog.exe"). If the path to the executable contains spaces, do not forget to enclose it within quotes. The same applies for any referenced file or directory names which include spaces in their name.


To compare two files according to file extension, use:


DiffDog.exe /cF c:\work\Alice.txt c:\work\Bob.txt /mE


To compare two XML files in XML mode, with detailed differencing enabled (so that merge from right to left, or left to right is possible), use:


DiffDog.exe /cF c:\work\Alice.xml c:\work\Bob.xml /mX /dD


To compare only the XML structure of the files and ignore text, use:


DiffDog.exe /cF c:\work\Alice.xml c:\work\Bob.xml /mX /iT


To compare two directories, use:


DiffDog.exe /cD c:\work1 c:\work2


To compare two directories ignoring subdirectories, use:


DiffDog.exe /cD c:\work1 c:\work2 /iS


The following command compares XML files in two directories by applying a predefined filter (created previously from the graphical user interface), see also Filtering the content of compared directories. Notice that quotes were used since the filter name contains spaces.


DiffDog.exe /cD c:\work1 c:\work2 /mX /fD "xml conformant files"

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