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UML Diagrams

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There are two major groups of UML diagrams, Structural diagrams, which show the static view of the model, and Behavioral diagrams, which show the dynamic view. UModel supports all fourteen diagrams of the UML 2.5 specification, as well as Additional diagrams.


Behavioral diagrams include Activity, State machine, Protocol State Machine and Use Case diagrams; as well as the Interaction, Communication, Interaction Overview, Sequence, and Timing diagrams.

Structural diagrams include: Class, Composite Structure, Component, Deployment, Object, and Package diagrams.

Additional diagrams XML schema diagrams.


Note:The Ctrl+Enter keys can be used to create multi-line labels for most of the modeling diagrams, e.g. Lifeline labels in sequence diagrams, timing diagrams; guard conditions, state names, activity names etc.

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