Altova UModel 2024 Basic Edition

This command displays the history of a file under source control, and allows you to view, see detailed history info, difference, or retrieve previous versions of a file.

To show the history of a file:

1.Click on the file in the Model Tree window.
2.Select the menu options Project | Source control | Show history.


A dialog box prompting for more information opens.




3.Select the appropriate entries and confirm with OK.




This dialog box is provides various way of comparing and getting specific versions of the file in question. Double clicking an entry in the list opens the History Details dialog box for that file.



Closes this dialog box.



Opens a further dialog box in which you can select the type of viewer you want to see the file with.



Opens a dialog box in which you can see the properties of the currently active file.



Allows you to retrieve one of the previous versions of the file in the version list, and place it into the working directory.


Check Out

Allows you to check out the latest version of the file.



Opens the Difference options dialog box, which allows you to define the difference options when viewing the differences between two file versions.


Use CTRL+Click to mark two file versions in this window, then click Diff to view the differences between them.



Pins or unpins a version of the file, allowing you to define the specific file version to use when differencing two files.



Rolls back to the selected version of the file.



Generates a history report which you can send to the printer, file, or clipboard.



Opens the online help of the source control provider plugin.

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