Altova UModel 2024 Basic Edition

Source Control Commands

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The following sections use Visual SourceSafe to show the source control features of UModel. The examples in this section use the Bank_CSharp.ump UModel project (and associated code files) available in the C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Altova\UModel2024\UModelExamples folder. Note that a Source Control project is not the same as a UModel project. Source Control projects are directory dependent, whereas UModel projects are logical constructions without direct directory dependence.


To access the Source Control commands, do one of the following:


Use the menu command Project | Source Control

Use the context menu in the Model Tree

Click the source control toolbar buttons in the Source Control toolbar. Use Tools | Customize | Toolbars to activate the toolbar.


The description of the version control commands that follow apply to the standalone version of UModel. The Visual Studio and Eclipse versions of UModel use the version control functionality and menu items available in those IDEs.


Open from Source Control

Enable Source Control

Get Latest Version


Get Folder(s)

Check Out

Check In

Undo Check Out...

Add to Source Control

Remove from Source Control

Share from Source Control

Show History

Show Differences

Show Properties

Refresh Status

Source Control Manager

Change Source Control

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