Altova UModel 2024 Basic Edition

Retrieves and places the latest source control version of the selected file(s) in the working directory. The files are retrieved as read-only and are not checked out.


If the affected files are currently checked out, different things occur depending on the specific version control plugin: nothing happens, new data are merged into your local file, or your changes are overwritten.


This command works in a similar fashion to the Get command, but does not display the "Source control - Get" dialog box. It is therefore not possible to specify Advanced get options.


Note that this command automatically performs a recursive get latest version operation when performed on a folder, i.e. it affects all other files below the current one in the package hierarchy.

To get the latest version of a file:

1.Select the file(s) you want to get the latest version of in the Model Tree.
2.Select Project | Source Control | Get Latest Version.

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