Altova UModel 2024 Basic Edition

The commands of the Layout menu allow you to line up and align the elements of your modeling diagrams, see Aligning and Resizing Modeling Elements.



The align command allows you to align modeling elements along their borders, or centers depending on the specific command you select.


Space Evenly

This set of commands allow you to space selected elements evenly both horizontally and vertically.


Make Same Size

This set of commands allow you to adjust the width and height of selected elements based on the active element.


Line Up

This set of commands allow you to line up the selected elements vertically or horizontally.


Line Style

This set of commands allow you to select the type of line used to connect the various modeling elements. The lines can be any type of dependency, association lines used in the various model diagrams.



This command resizes the selected elements to their respective optimal size(s).


Autolayout all

This command arranges automatically the modeling elements on the diagram, using one of the options below.


Force Directed

Displays the modeling elements from a centric viewpoint.


Displays elements according to their hierarchical relationships. For example, a superclass will be placed above any of its derived classes.


The hierarchical layout options can be customized from the Tools | Options menu, View tab, Autolayout Hierarchic group.


Displays elements grouped by element size in rectangular fashion.


Reposition Text Labels

Repositions modeling element names (of the selected elements) to their default positions.


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