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Authentic View Interface

Authentic View is enabled by clicking the Authentic tab of the active document. If no SPS has been assigned to the XML document, you are prompted to assign one.


This section provides:


An overview of the interface
A description of the toolbar icons specific to Authentic View
A description of viewing modes available in the main Authentic View window
A description of the Entry Helpers and how they are to be used
A description of the context menus available at various points in the Authentic View of the XML document


Additional sources of Authentic View information are:


An Authentic View Tutorial, which shows you how to use the Authentic View interface. This tutorial is available in the documentation of the Altova XMLSpy and Altova Authentic Desktop products (see the Tutorials section), as well as online.
For a detailed description of Authentic View menu commands, see the User Reference section of your product documentation.


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