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Altova DatabaseSpy 2020 Enterprise Edition

The Online Browser displays all the database objects of the database you are connected to. The structure of folders and database objects displayed in the Online Browser may slightly vary depending on the database kind you are connected to.


Online Browser

The Online Browser serves as a starting point for most of the database actions in DatabaseSpy: retrieve or edit data, create SQL statements, show database items in the Design Editor, export database data, or show the row count for tables. All these actions can be started from the Online Browser with a few mouse clicks, as further described in this documentation.


Note:For Online Browser to be populated, an active (connected) data source must exist in your project. By default, disconnected data sources are not displayed in the Online Browser. If you want data sources to be displayed in Online Browser regardless of whether they are connected or not, first select the data source in the Project Window, and then select the Always show in Online Browser check box in the Properties Window.


The Online Browser window provides the following commands:



Command name


Choose layout


Click this button to choose from among several layouts to display the database objects. In the default Folders layout, the database objects are presented in a hierarchical manner.

Filter folder contents (Ctrl+Alt+F)

Filter folder content


Click this button if you want to reduce the number of displayed items by means of a filter.

Show favorites

Show Favorites

You can add database objects that you use frequently to your favorites, these objects appear then in bold in the Online Browser and are available in the Favorites folder of the Project window. The Show Favorites icon allows you to switch between viewing all objects and showing only favorites.

Object Locator (Ctrl+L)

Object Locator (Ctrl+L)

For finding specific objects in the database you can use the Object Locator. This button toggles the Object Locator on and off.

Refresh (F5)

Refresh Data Source (F5)

Clicking this button refreshes the data source to reflect the latest changes in the database structure and updates the display of the Online Browser.

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