Editing a DB

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Editing a DB

In Authentic View, you can edit database (DB) tables and save data back to a DB. This section contains a full description of interface features available to you when editing a DB table. The following general points need to be noted:


The number of records in a DB table that are displayed in Authentic View may have been deliberately restricted by the designer of the StyleVision Power Stylesheet in order to make the design more compact. In such cases, only that limited number of records is initially loaded into Authentic View. Using the DB table row navigation icons (see Navigating a DB Table), you can load and display the other records in the DB table.
You can query the DB to display certain records.
You can add, modify, and delete DB records, and save your changes back to the DB. See Modifying a DB Table.


To open a DB-based StyleVision Power Stylesheet in Authentic View:

Click Authentic | Edit Database Data, and browse for the required StyleVision Power Stylesheet.


Note:In Authentic view, data coming from a SQLite database is not editable. When you attempt to save SQLite data from the Authentic view, a message box will inform you of this known limitation.


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