AI Tools for Instant App Creation

Visual, no code tools like Altova RecordsManager have revolutionized the field of data-centric app creation, making it faster and more accessible. But now imagine expressing your database vision in a single sentence, and having it created automatically – including not just the database structure and tables, but forms and reports as well. That’s exactly what the new AI Assistant in RecordsManager does.

With a single AI prompt, users of all skill levels can turn their ideas into functional database solutions without any coding or database design expertise required. RecordsManager lets you skip the manual work of database design so you can focus more on the higher-level aspects of your project.

Let’s see how it works.

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AI Database Creation

Business apps and enterprise solutions typically require a database backend, and developers are all too familiar with the need to meticulously plan and design the database structure. This includes hours spent on creating tables, defining fields, setting up relationships, and ensuring normalization. It’s a crucial but time-consuming task that requires a deep understanding of database architecture and SQL.

Altova RecordsManager can now automate this entire process for you. Instead of starting from scratch and carefully mapping out every detail, you can simply provide a high-level prompt to the RecordsManager AI Assistant. It then acts as an intelligent assistant, instantly generating a complete database structure based on your prompt.

Go From Idea to Database – In Seconds

AI tools for creating online databases in RecordsManager make it easy to:

  • Create a database-driven app or enterprise solution with a single AI prompt
  • Eliminate the complexities of database design
  • Start with simple or complex natural language prompts
  • Modify existing database structure with AI
  • Deliver a full-feature app for desktop & mobile in record time

After reviewing your AI-created solution, you can modify its structure with subsequent AI prompts or using the straightforward visual tools in RecordsManager. Then, if desired, you can optimize the app start page, play with the layout and display properties, add in-app reminders, manage roles and permissions, define business logic validation rules, and much more. 

Skipping the tedious work of database design gives you the flexibility to instead channel your energy and expertise into refining the system, improving functionality, and enhancing user experience.

Publish Your Database App

Once you are happy with the design, layout, and functionality of your RecordsManager online database solution, you can publish it to iOS, Android, Windows, and other devices based on this single design. Your app can be hosted on premises, in a private or public cloud environment, or in the Altova Cloud.

Try the Cloud-based Demo

You can experiment with the AI tools in RecordsManager using our cloud-based demo. You won’t need to sign in or create an account; you can simply try some AI prompts to see how the functionality works.

Then, when you’re ready to create and save your own solution to deploy to desktop and mobile users, download the free MobileTogether Designer to use RecordsManager. The RecordsManager AI Assistant is available in MobileTogether 9.1 or higher.   

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