Full Synchronization

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Full Synchronization

If you have activated the Fully synchronize all sub-directories and files check box in the Mode group box, you can choose whether you want to synchronize (i.e., copy) the files from left to right or from right to left by selecting the corresponding radio button. This option will perform the following actions:


All different files will be overridden
Files that only exist in the source directory will be copied to the target directory
Additional files that exist in the target directory will be deleted permanently (respectively moved to the recycle bin, if possible)
No backup files will be created


You can, however change the default synchronization settings by activating the Enable manual override of synchronization actions check box.



The Enable manual override of synchronization actions check box enables you to fine-tune your synchronization actions for one or more particular files or sub-directories. If this check box is activated, the Sync Action column provides a drop-down list where you can choose a synchronization action for an individual file or sub-directory and thus override the settings that have been defined on directory level.

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