Altova DatabaseSpy 2024 Professional Edition

One of the veterinarians will not be available for the zoo anymore and the zoo authorities want to have his records deleted from the database.

To delete the record:

1.Open the "ZooDB" project created previously and double-click the dbs_ic_connected ZooDBConnect data source to connect to it.

2.In the Online Browser, right-click the tblVeterinarians table and select Edit Data from the context menu. Alternatively, select the table and press Ctrl+Alt+E.

3.Click somewhere into the sixth row of the result grid and then click the Delete row ic_delete-row button. The background color of the row as well as the text color change to indicate that this row is to be deleted from the database.


The row is now marked for deletion but not actually deleted in the database. If you change your mind about deleting the record, click Undo all changes ic_undo-all to discard all changes from the grid.

4.Click the ic_commit button. The row is removed from the result grid and deleted from the database.

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