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Using Drag and Drop to Create Queries

DatabaseSpy allows you to generate SELECT statements by dragging a table and dropping it into an SQL Editor window. To this aim, you should make sure that the default statement generated for tables is a SELECT statement. Select the menu option Tools | Options, go to the Online Browser page and choose Select as SQL action for tables.



To generate a query based on the table "tblZookeepers" and specify a target for it:

1.Click the Online Browser tab.
2.Drag and drop the table tblZookeepers to the same SQL Editor window where the file animalType_queries.sql is currently open. This generates the following SELECT statement:

SELECT [ZookID], [FirstName], [LastName], [Address], [City], [State], [Telephone], [DOB] FROM [ZooDB].[dbo].[tblZookeepers];

3.Place the cursor anywhere in the new SELECT statement. Click the Current statement ic_select-entire-stmt icon in the SQL Editor window. This selects the entire statement.
4.Click the Define Target name ic_insert-target-single button in the SQL Script toolbar. The text -- target: Result appears above the statement.


5.Change the text "Result" to "Select zookeepers".


6.In the Properties window, make sure that either "Semicolons" or "SQL Grammar" is selected in the Group statements for execution with drop-down list.
7.Click the Execute ic_execute-sql button or press F5. The results of all three queries in the script appear in separate result windows.


Note:When executing only one of the select statements, make sure that the --target: text is selected in addition to the select statement below it, if you want the target window text to be generated. The Current statement button will not select the --target: line.

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