Exporting Tables to XML

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Exporting Tables to XML

The Export database data dialog box allows you to select individual tables for export and choose the desired export format. Furthermore, you can specify a folder where the export files are to be stored, and preview the data before actually exporting it.



To export table data to XML:

1.Click the Export ic_export button in the Tools toolbar. The Export database data dialog box opens.
2.Click the XML icon at the left side.
3.In the Source group box, click the respective check boxes of tblAnimalCategories and tblAnimalTypes. Note that Filters, Favorites, and Locators can be used to limit the amount of tables in this tree.
4.Optionally, activate the Show checked objects only ic_show-checked check box to hide objects not selected for export.
5.In the Destination group box, enter "ZooDB_" as a prefix that will be added to the exported tables.
6.Select the destination path of the XML files, C:\TEMP in this case.
7.Select one of the tables to be exported and click the Preview button in the Preview group box to preview the table before exporting it.
8.Click Export. A separate XML file for each of the selected tables is created at the specified location.
9.Double click one of the exported XML files to check its contents.


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