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Altova StyleVision 2020 Enterprise Edition

The Item template iterates over all XBRL facts that satisfy the constraints defined by the enclosing XBRL templates. For example:


If an Item template is placed within a Period, then it returns those facts that match the constraints which are in effect at that point.

If an Item template is placed directly within the $XBRL template, then all facts in the instance document are returned (see screenshot below).

If it is placed within an XBRL object template (open or closed mode) then the facts addressed by the XBRL object template are returned. In the case of an open-mode XBRL object, all facts defined within the restrictions of the XBRL object are returned. In the case of a closed-mode XBRL object, the fact/s defined by the properties of the XBRL object are returned.


When the Item template is inserted in the design, it is created as an empty template. You must therefore insert a contents placeholder in the design if you wish to output the contents of the fact. The Item template has a property to allow additional dimensions (in the Properties entry helper), which takes a value of yes or no.


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