Altova StyleVision 2024 Basic Edition

Design Filter

The Design Filter menu item rolls out a sub-menu containing commands that enable you to filter the templates that are displayed in Design View. This is useful if your design is very long or contains several templates. Using the Design Filter mechanism, you can specify what kinds of template to display. The following filter options are available:






Show only one template

Shows the selected template only. Place the cursor in a template and click to show that template only.


Show all template types

Shows all templates in the SPS (main, global, named, and layout) .


Show imported templates

Toggles the display of imported templates on and off.


Show/Hide main template

Toggles the display of the main template on and off.


Show/Hide global templates

Toggles the display of global templates on and off.


Show/Hide Design Fragments

Toggles the display of Design Fragments on and off.


Note that these commands are also available as toolbar icons in the Design Filters toolbar.



The Zoom command enables you to select a Zoom factor from the submenu that rolls out. You can also zoom in or out by changing the Zoom factor in the Zoom combo box (in the Standard toolbar), or by pressing the Ctrl key and scrolling with the mouse.


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