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SPS and Sources

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Creating a new SPS file

To create a new SPS document, select an option from under the File | New (Ctrl+N) command or click the New Design icon ic_newfromschema in the Standard toolbar. A new SPS document is created and is displayed in Design View. The new document is given a provisional name of SPSX.sps, where X is an integer corresponding to the position of that SPS document in the sequence of new documents created since the application was started.


After a new SPS document is created, the source files for the SPS must be assigned.


Assigning source files for the SPS

There are two types of source files that can be assigned to an SPS:


Schema sources

Working XML File


These source file assignments are made in the Design Overview sidebar. How to make the assignments is described in the section, Design Overview. The significant points about each type of source file are given below.


Schema sources

A schema source file must be assigned to an SPS so that a structure for the design document can be created. Schema sources are assigned in the Design Overview sidebar. A schema may be an XML Schema file (.xsd file), an XML Schema generated from an XML file, a DTD, or a user-defined schema. For each schema, one optional Working XML File can be assigned.


Note:If you wish to add a namespace to an SPS or to an XSLT stylesheet being generated from an SPS, the namespace must be added to the top-level schema element of the XML Schema on which the SPS is based.


Working XML File

can, optionally, have a Working XML File associated with it. The function of the Working XML File is to provide the XML data source for output previews in StyleVision, and it must therefore be valid according to the schema with which it is associated. The Working XML File is assigned in the Design Overview sidebar.


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