Altova StyleVision 2023 Basic Edition

The Save Generated Files command pops up a submenu which contains options for saving the following files (screenshot below). For perspective on how the generated files fit into the general usage procedure, see Usage Procedure | Generated Files.


Save Generated XSLT-HTML File

The Save Generated XSLT-HTML File command generates an XSLT file for HTML output from your SPS. You can use this XSLT file subsequently to transform an XML document to HTML.


Save Generated HTML File(s)

The Save Generated HTML File(s) command generates an HTML file or files. Multiple HTML files will be generated if multiple document output has been specified in the design. This operation requires two input files:


The Working XML File assigned to the currently active SPS file. If no Working XML File has been assigned, the Save Generated HTML File command is disabled.

An XSLT file, which is automatically generated  from the currently active SPS file.


Save Generated User-Defined Schema

This command is activated when the SPS involves a user-defined schema. The schema you create in the Schema Tree sidebar is saved as an XML Schema with the .xsd extension.


Save Generated User-Defined XML Data

The data in the imported HTML file that corresponds to the user-defined schema is saved as an XML file. The corresponding data are the nodes in the HTML document (in Design View) that have been created as XML Schema nodes.


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