Altova StyleVision 2023 Basic Edition

Congratulations for having successfully completed the tutorial. You have learned the most important aspects of creating an SPS:


How to create the structure of the document (main template and global templates).

How to insert dynamic and static content in the design, using a variety of dynamic and static SPS components..

How to use CSS styles, in external stylesheets, in global style rules, and in local style rules.

How to use Auto-Calculations to derive additional information from the available XML data.

How to use conditions to filter the XML data and how to obtain different outputs depending on values in the XML data.

How to use global templates and rest-of-contents.


For a more detailed description of these features, see the corresponding sections in the following four sections:


SPS File: Content

SPS File: Structure

SPS File: Advanced Features

SPS File: Presentation

SPS File: Additional Functionality


These sections also contain descriptions of several other StyleVision features not encountered in the Quick Start tutorial.


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