Altova StyleVision 2024 Basic Edition

The syntax for command line use is:


 StyleVision [<SPS File>] [<options>]




StyleVisioncalls StyleVision, which is located in the StyleVision application folder        
<SPS File>specifies the SPS file
<options>One or more of the options listed below.



When a command is executed StyleVision runs silently (i.e. without the GUI being opened), generates the required output files, and closes. If an error or warning is encountered, the GUI is opened and the corresponding message is displayed in a message box.


Note:For the SPS to load correctly in StyleVision, the XSD and Working XML files that the SPS uses must be at the locations specified for them in the SPS.



Options may be entered in any order. Note that FO, RTF, PDF, and Word 2007+ output-related options are available in the Enterprise edition, or the Enterprise and Professional editions only; these options are indicated with the words Enterprise edition or Enterprise and Professional editions in the list below.



XSLT file output



Writes XSLT-for-HTML to the specified file


Writes XSLT-for-RTF to the specified file (Enterprise and Professional editions)


Writes XSLT-for-Text to the specified file (Enterprise and Professional editions)


Writes XSLT-for-FO to the specified file (Enterprise edition only)


Writes XSLT-for-Word 2007+ to the specified file (Enterprise edition only)




StyleVision "QuickStart.sps" -outxslt="QuickStartHTML.xslt"

StyleVision "C:\Test\QuickStart.sps" -outxslt="C:\Test\QuickStartHTML.xslt"


Points to note

Note the following points:


Paths may be absolute or relative and should use backslashes.

If the filename or the path to it contains a space, then the entire path should be enclosed in quotes. For example: "c:\My Files\MyXML.xml" or "c:\MyFiles\My XML.xml".

Commands, paths, and folder and file names are case-insensitive.


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