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Web services are software components that use XML-based messages to exchange data between applications. Web services based on open standards are hardware, programming language, and operating system independent. Because of this inherent interoperability, Web services are increasingly relied on in today’s enterprise as powerful tools for exchanging information between disparate systems over intranets, extranets, and the Internet.

Altova MissionKit tools provide end-to-end Web services development capabilities, from graphical WSDL development, to SOAP message creation and debugging, to code generation for Web services implementation. MissionKit tools also support consumption of Web services data as part of larger data integration and ETL projects.

The Problem

Despite the advantages that Web services promise for simplifying data communication, building them can be a complicated process that requires in-depth knowledge of WSDL and SOAP technologies.

Implementing a Web service based on a WSDL normally requires writing the code to access the data required for each transaction, which can be time consuming and error-prone.

The Altova Solution

Altova MissionKit Web services tools take the complexity out of Web services design and implementation by allowing you to build Web services visually, using a highly intuitive graphical design tools.

Once you define your Web service, MissionKit can autogenerate the royalty-free Java or C# program code required to implement the service on a server. Autogeneration of program code based on visual design ensures that code is written consistently across an entire project, since it’s produced according to industry standards and globally defined parameters and options.

Optional integration with Visual Studio® or Eclipse, plus support for editing J2EE configuration files, allows for flexible workflow for Web services development on all of the major Web services platforms.

  • Graphical, WSDL editor for WSDL design, editing, and validation with intelligent entry helpers and drag-and-drop functionality
  • Conversion between WSDL 1.1 and 2.0
  • Comprehensive WSDL documentation generation
  • SOAP client for generating and validating, and testing SOAP messages
  • SOAP debugger for inspecting and troubleshooting Web services interactions
  • Graphical XML Schema editor and schema-based code generation
  • Build Web services visually
  • Graphical Web services design with support for exposing XML, database, EDI, XBRL, flat file, Excel, JSON, and other data via Web services
  • Generate code C# or Java code and scripts needed to deploy Web services based on WSDL files
  • Consume existing Web services in any-to-any data integration projects as a source, target, or data processing function
  • Diff / merge tool for files, directories, and databases
  • XML-aware differencing options
  • Compare and merge text or source code files, and synchronize folders and directories
  • Visual XML-based file management tool
  • Visualize file relationships between WSDL, XML Schema, and other file types
  • Manage file relationships, imports, includes, etc., using drag-and-drop functionality
XMLSpy SOAP Debugger

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