Altova FlowForce Server 2024 

In order to use FlowForce Server, you must license it with Altova LicenseServer. Licensing is a two-step process:


1.Register FlowForce Server with LicenseServer.

2.Assign a license to FlowForce Server from LicenseServer. Download the latest version of LicenseServer from the Altova website and install it on your local machine or a machine on your network.


These steps are described in this section. For detailed information, see the LicenseServer user manual on the Altova website.


Before you register FlowForce Server, make sure that LicenseServer is running. Then you can register FlowForce Server with LicenseServer via the FlowForce Server Setup page or from the command line. When you have registered FlowForce Server, you can proceed to assign a license to FlowForce Server. You can also assign a license at a later stage, for example, after you have finished configuring FlowForce Server on the Setup page.


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