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Altova FlowForce Server 2022 


Outputs an XML file containing the resource strings of FlowForce Server. It takes two arguments: (i) the language of the resource strings in the output XML file, and (ii) the path and name of the output XML file. Valid export languages (with their language codes in parentheses) are: English (en), German, (de), Spanish (es), and Japanese (ja).




FlowForceServer exportresourcestrings Language XMLOutput


Note:On Linux systems, use an all-lowercase flowforceserver to call the executable.





Specifies the language of resource strings in the exported XML file.
Allowed languages are: en, de, es, ja


Specifies the location and name of the exported XML file.



This command creates a file called Strings.xml at c:\ that contains all the resource strings of the FlowForce Server application in English.


FlowForceServer exportresourcestrings en c:\Strings.xml

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