Altova FlowForce Server 2024 

An Execution step allows you to execute a specific function. Execution steps can include system functions, deployed MapForce mappings, StyleVision transformations, and other jobs. For example, you can add the system/send-mime function to send an email (possibly with an attachment) to the specified recipients.


You can configure Execution steps as standalone steps or integrate them into Choose, For-Each, Error/Success Handling, and Postpone blocks.


FlowForce Server processes execution steps sequentially, starting with the first (topmost) step down to the last step. This rule also applies to any sub-steps that a step may have. The code listing below illustrates this scenario:


Step A

Step B

  Step B1

  Step B2

Step C

Step D

  Step D1


Error handling

By default, if FlowForce encounters an error, processing stops, and subsequent steps are not executed. However, in most system functions, you can set the Abort on error parameter to false, which will prevent job execution from stopping even after an error has occurred.


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