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Input Parameters

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In FlowForce Server, job input parameters are similar to function arguments in a programming language. Parameters can be of various types: e.g., file and directory references, text, numbers, Boolean values, and others. Under certain conditions, job input parameters become automatically available on the configuration page of your job. For example, when you add a file system or HTTP trigger to your job, the triggerfile input parameter is added automatically. You can use the triggerfile in a step function, for example, to upload this file to an FTP server. For an example, see the system/ftp/store function.


Job input parameters

The fields of a job input parameter are described in the table below.



Mandatory field. Specifies the name of an input parameter. You may need to refer to this parameter later from any of the job's execution steps. Therefore, it is recommended to use a descriptive name.


The input parameter name must start with a letter and may contain only the following characters: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and '_'.


Mandatory field. Specifies the data type of the input parameter, which can be one of the following:



string as file

string as directory

string as file or directory







AS2 partner (Advanced Edition)

AS2 MDN (Advanced Edition)

SFTP connection (Advanced Edition)


Optional field. Specifies the default value of the parameter. This value will be used if no value is specified by the job caller at runtime.


Optional field. Describes the purpose of the parameter. This description becomes available as a tooltip next to the parameter name when you use the current job as an execution step of another job.


Function parameters

Most step functions have parameters. When you select a function in an execution step, the function parameters become automatically available. Parameters and their data types vary, depending on the function you select. Parameters can accept different values, including expressions and expression functions.


Under certain conditions, previously set values of function parameters are copied over into parameters of a new function. The parameter value is copied over if the parameter has the same internal name and the same data type in both step functions. Besides this condition, one or more of the following conditions must also be true:


The parameter is an expression.

The parameter has logging enabled.

The parameter is an inline credential with a user name and password.


The parameter value is not copied over if:


the parameter is locked (mapping with more than one parameter with the same name);

the parameter value starts with altova://packagedfile/ (it will not work with any other function except the one it was deployed with).


To revert to the default value of an optional parameter, use the Set to button and choose <Default value>. For mandatory parameters, the value has to be removed manually.


As soon as a function is selected and its parameters are retrieved, the parameters are cached for this job configuration page. Every time this function is selected again (for any new step, existing step, or the same step), its parameters are not retrieved; instead, the cached parameters are used.



Use the following buttons to manage job input and function parameters.



Add a parameter.


Delete a parameter


Duplicate a parameter.


Move a parameter up or down.


Undo the previous delete action.


Enable/disable logging of the parameter value


Set a specific value of a parameter


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