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Configuration via Configuration Files and CLI

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Besides being able to configure FlowForce Server via the FlowForce Server Setup page, you can also configure it via the configuration files and CLI. This section describes the contents of the FlowForce Server application-data and instance-data directories and explains how to use the configuration files and the CLI to set up FlowForce Server.


The configuration of FlowForce Server via the configuration files and the CLI consists of the procedures listed below. Some of the procedures are optional (e.g., setting SSL encryption). The steps below assume that you have already installed FlowForce Server.


1.Creating a new FlowForce database via the CLI

2.Configuring instance parameters via the configuration files, which includes:

a.Setting ports to connect to FlowForce Server and FlowForce Web Server

b.Setting up SSL encryption

c.Configuring the default time zone

d.Configuring cluster-related settings (Advanced Edition)

3.Installing the FlowForce Server and FlowForce Web Server services via the CLI

4.Starting the services


Note that to be able to use the FlowForce Server functionality, you must register and license FlowForce Server with Altova LicenseServer. For information about registration and licensing, see the instructions corresponding to your operating system:


Licensing on Windows

Licensing on Linux

Licensing on macOS


Besides, if you have installed RaptorXML Server together with FlowForce Server (available on Windows) or separately (available on any platform) and wish to use the Altova RaptorXML Server functionality in FlowForce Server, you will need to integrate Altova RaptorXML Server into FlowForce Server. It is recommended to integrate RaptorXML Server before installing the FlowForce Server and FlowForce Web Server services. For details, see Integration with RaptorXML Server.


After you have finished configuring your service instance, you can proceed to log on to the Web UI and carry out administration tasks.


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