Altova FlowForce Server 2024 

FlowForce expressions represent custom code that can be computed and executed by FlowForce Server when a job runs. You can think of FlowForce expressions as a basic scripting language understood by FlowForce that helps you "glue together" multiple steps within a job. FlowForce expressions are typically necessary in the following contexts:


In parameters of built-in functions (that is, you can write or embed expressions in input fields in the job configuration page). Here are a just a few examples:

oChange the data type of the result returned by the execution step

oPick a specific value from a result that returns a list of values

oConcatenate multiple values in order to produce a string.

In "when" steps, to produce conditional statements. This enables you to execute the step if the expression you provide evaluates to Boolean true.

In "for-each" steps. "For-each" steps enable you to loop through a sequence of items, where the sequence is defined by an expression.


This section describes the concepts that will help you build FlowForce expressions for scenarios such as the ones listed above.

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