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You can view the permissions of containers where you have the relevant permissions to do so (see also How Permissions Work). By default, you can see your own permissions with respect to the container. If you are member of any role, you can also see the permissions available to roles of which you are member. If you have the privilege Read users and roles, you can also see the permission of other users and roles with respect to the container.

To view the permissions of a container:

1.Click Configuration.

2.Do one of the following:

oClick the Permissions button adjacent to the container record.

oEnter the container, and then click the click the Permissions button available in the lower right corner of the page.



The User and Role name column displays any users and roles whose permissions you have rights to see. The Permissions column displays what permission types are available to this particular user or role with respect to the container. For example, the image below illustrates the default permissions available to role authenticated for the root ( / ) container.


For the description of each permission type, see How Permissions Work.

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