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Declaration: NewButton(nPosition as long, nCommandId as DOCEDCommand)



Inserts a new Button for the command nCommandId at the position nPosition of the toolbar. nPosition starts at 1.  

See description of DocEditToolbarButton.CommandID for available values of nCommandId



How to add a new toolbar, align it on the bottom and add new toolbar buttons


 objPlugIn.ToolbarRows.NewRow 3                // add a new Toolbar (Row 3)

 set ToolbarRow  = objPlugIn.ToolbarRows.Item(3)

 set Buttons        = ToolbarRow.Buttons

 ToolbarRow.Alignment = 2                        // align Toolbar to bottom

 Buttons.NewButton      1, 2                        // add Print Button

 Buttons.NewButton      1, 3                        // add PrintPreview Button

 Buttons.NewSeparator  2                        // add Separator

 Buttons.NewButton      1, 4                        // add Validate Button


When StartEditing or ReloadToolbars is called; the modified Toolbar settings are used.


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