Altova Authentic 2024 Browser Edition

Event: OnLoad ()


Description: OnLoad can be used e.g. to restrict some AuthenticView functionality, as shown in the example below:


function On_AuthenticLoad(  )


       // We are disabling all entry helpers in order to prevent user from manipulating XML tree




       // We are also disabling the markup buttons for the same purpose

       AuthenticView.SetToolbarButtonState( 'AuthenticMarkupSmall', authenticToolbarButtonDisabled );

       AuthenticView.SetToolbarButtonState( 'AuthenticMarkupLarge', authenticToolbarButtonDisabled );

       AuthenticView.SetToolbarButtonState( 'AuthenticMarkupMixed', authenticToolbarButtonDisabled );



In the example the status of the Markup Small, Markup Large, Markup Mixed toolbar buttons are manipulated with the help of button identifiers. See complete list.


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