Altova Authentic 2023 Browser Edition

About This Documentation

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This documentation is the Authentic Browser Plug-in user manual. It is organized into the following sections:


An Overview section that explains: (i) the benefits of using Authentic Browser; (ii) how Authentic Browser works; and (iii) the various Authentic Browser Versions.

A Server Setup section, which describes the steps required to set up a server for an Authentic Browser project, including a detailed description of the HTML Page for Authentic Plug-in, and a section explaining how the Authentic Browser extension packages can be used for on-demand installation.

A Client Setup section, which includes a section explaining the various ways of installing the Authentic Browser plug-in in client browsers.

A three-part reference section (User Reference: Mechanisms, User Reference: Objects, and User Reference: Enumerations) on the mechanisms, objects, and enumerations used to create and customize Authentic View in Authentic Browser.


Related documentation

There are two sets of additional Altova documentation that are relevant:


Documentation for creating StyleVision Power Stylesheets (SPSs) is available with the Altova StyleVision product at the Altova website. An SPS is the file that controls the Authentic View of an XML document. This documentation is relevant for persons developing the Authentic View interface for XML editing.

Documentation for using Authentic View. Persons using Authentic View should be referred to the Authentic View tutorial and usage sections of the Authentic Desktop User Manual, which is available online at the Altova website.


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