Altova Authentic 2024 Browser Edition

The following SCRIPT element defines an event listener and registers it with the plug-in object. The event listener function will be called each time the specified event is triggered inside the plug-in.


<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript"> 

var selCount = 0;

function OnSelectionChanged()


 selCount = selCount + 1;

 selectionCounter.value = "SelectionCount = " + selCount;


var objPlugIn = document.getElementById('objPlugIn');

objPlugIn.addEventListener("selectionchanged", OnSelectionChanged, false)




For a list of events see also Events: Reference.


Scriptig languages

The Authentic Browser Plug-in has been tested with JavaScript and VBScript.


Event listeners

For information about event listeners, see the relevant W3C Recommendation.


Authentic Browser object model

The methods, properties, and sub-objects available in the Authentic Browser Plug-in are described in the reference section of this documentation.


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