Altova Authentic 2024 Browser Edition

Server Setup

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Setting up the server for Authentic Browser entails the following steps.


Configuring the Browser Service

Install and configure the browser service of your server. If you use Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS), note that the installation process creates a default directory called Inetpub with subdirectories. The root directory of the server would then be: //Inetpub/wwwroot. This is the directory reached with the IP Address of the server if you do not specify (in your browser service configuration) some other directory as the root directory. For details about installing and configuring your browser service, see the supplier's documentation.


Setting up the XSD, XML, and SPS/PXF files

An SPS file enables the XML document to be displayed in an editable format in Authentic View. It is based on an XML Schema (XSD file) and is designed in Altova's StyleVision product. The SPS file, together with the XSD file and XML document to be edited must be stored at a network location that is accessible to all client machines (typically on the Authentic Browser server). The section XSD, XML, and SPS/PXF Files describes this server preparation step in more detail.


Creating the HTML page for Authentic Plug-in

The HTML Page for Authentic Plug-in is the access point for Authentic View editing. It contains instructions to access the XML document, and it serves as a container for the Authentic View window in which the XML document is loaded and edited. To access this page, its URL is typed into client browsers. This HTML page must be created correctly and stored on the server. How to create the HTML page is described in the section, HTML Page for Authentic Plug-in.


Storing extension packages for on-demand installation

Download Authentic Browser (a zipped CAB file) from the Altova website to any location on the server. If you are deploying the Enterprise edition of Authentic Browser, then the package must be stored on the server for which the Enterprise license has been registered. Do not unzip this file. On the website, for each language version (English, German, Spanish, French, and Japanese), there are trusted and untrusted versions of Authentic Browser, each in four formats (CAB 32-bit, CAB 64-bit). For information about which version to select, see the sub-sections of this section.


Note:Before installing Authentic Browser, make sure that no previous version of Authentic Browser is running. Otherwise the new version might not be registered correctly, and this could result in a defective installation. If that happens, register the plug-in by running: regsvr32 C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files\AuthenticPlugin.dll. (Note that you need administrative privileges to run the program regsvr32.exe.)


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