Altova Authentic 2024 Browser Edition

The availability of Authentic Browser upgrades and the installation of these updates varies according to browser.


Internet Explorer

The codebase attribute value of the object element in the HTML Page for Authentic Plug-in can be suffixed with #Version=… to indicate the version number of the plug-in available on the server. If the version of the plug-in installed on the user's machine is less than that version, the user will be asked if the plug-in should be upgraded.


For Mozilla Firefox

The standard mechanism for updating Firefox extensions is as follows. The install.rdf file in the Firefox extension contains a link to an update.rdf file on a download server. The install.rdf file specifies the version installed on the user's machine. The update.rdf file lists the versions and extension files available for download on the server. If newer versions are available for download, the user will be informed.


This is currently not supported for Authentic Browser.



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