Altova Authentic 2023 Browser Edition

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AuthenticView and its child object AuthenticRange provide you with an interface for Authentic View, which allow easy and consistent modification of document contents. Functional overlap with already existing methods and properties in Authentic object is intentional, makeing the content modification functions of the Authentic object obsolete. Usage of the new AuthenticView interface is strongly recommended.


AuthenticView gives you easy access to specific features such as printing, the multi-level undo buffer, and the current cursor selection, or position.


AuthenticView uses objects of type AuthenticRange to make navigation inside the document straight-forward, and to allow for the flexible selection of logical text elements. Use the properties DocumentBegin, DocumentEnd, or WholeDocument for simple selections, while using the Goto method for more complex selections. To navigate relative to a given document range, see the methods and properties of the AuthenticRange object.


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