Altova Authentic 2023 Browser Edition

If the HTML page for the Authentic plug-in is to be opened in Firefox, then it must contain the following elements:


An HTML EMBED element,  which (i) causes the DLL for the Authentic Plug-in to be downloaded from the server to the client, and (ii) specifies the dimensions of the Authentic View window in the client's browser. The EMBED element contains the location of the Authentic Browser plug-in.

One or more Event Listeners for defining subroutines and handling events. Event listeners are constructed within SCRIPT elements.


This section

This section is organized into the following sub-sections:


The EMBED Element, which describes how the HTML EMBED element is to be used in an HTML page for the Authentic plug-in.

Adding Event Listeners, which describes how Event Listeners are to be used in an HTML page for the Authentic plug-in.

Examples of full HTML pages: Firefox Example 1: Simple and Firefox Example 2: Sort a Table.


For information about individual objects, see the respective Object descriptions in the Reference section.



The Authentic Browser plug-in is supported for Firefox.

Ensure that the MIME type for XPI and/or CRX files has been added in the browser service of your server to the list of MIME types for the site you will use.


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