Altova Authentic 2024 Browser Edition

The best way of installing the Authentic Browser plug-in is to have it automatically installed when needed. This mechanism works as follows:


1.The extension packages (CAB, XPI, and/or CRX file/s) are stored on the server.

2.When the HTML page for Authentic Plug-in is opened in the client's browser, instructions in the HTML page download the relevant extension package and install the Authentic Browser plug-in in the client browser.


The instruction in the HTML page will be different for different browsers.


For Internet Explorer

Use the CODEBASE attribute of the OBJECT element to specify the URL of the CAB file. See the example for Internet Explorer for details.


For Mozilla Firefox

Use the pluginspage attribute of the embed element to specify the URL of the XPI file. See the example for Firefox for details.


Alternative method for Mozilla Firefox

Add a link that points to the extension package and, when clicked, will install the plug-in. For example: <a href=“plugin.crx”>Click to install Authentic Browser extension</a>. See the section, Extension Packages for On-Demand Installation, for information about server-side setup of the extension packages. For information about versions, see Authentic Browser Versions




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