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Use connection point events instead as described here.



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Declaration: attachCallBack(bstrName as String,varCallBack as Variant)



The Authentic View provides events which can be handled using custom callback functions. All event handlers take no parameters and any returned value will be ignored. To retrieve information when a specific event is raised you have to read the according properties of the event object.


List of currently available events:














Since version




Since version:





JavaScript example:


 // somwhere in your script:




 // event handlers

 function OnDragOver()


         if(        !objPlugIn.event.dataTransfer.ownDrag &&

                 objPlugIn.event.dataTransfer.type == "TEXT"))


                 objPlugIn.event.dataTransfer.dropEffect = 1;

                 objPlugIn.event.cancelBubble = true;




 // OnDrop() replaces the complete text value of the XML

 // element with the selection from the drag operation

 function OnDrop()


         var objTransfer = objPlugIn.event.dataTransfer;


         if(        !objTransfer.ownDrag &&

                 (objTransfer.type == "TEXT"))

                 objPlugIn.event.srcElement.TextValue = objTransfer.getData();



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