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Altova LicenseServer

Altova LicenseServer can be installed on Windows systems in one of two ways:


As an independent installation. Go to the Download page of the Altova website, download the installer package, and run the installation.

As part of an Altova server product* installation. If you opt to include LicenseServer in the product installation, then the installer will automatically de-install any previous version of LicenseServer it might detect and install the new version.


* Altova server products are: Altova DiffDog Server, Altova FlowForce Server, Altova MapForce Server, Altova MobileTogether Server, Altova RaptorXML(+XBRL), and Altova StyleVision Server.


System requirements


Admin rights required for installation

In order to install LicenseServer, admin rights are required for the machine on which LicenseServer is to be installed.


Version compatibility between LicenseServer and Altova products

New versions of Altova products can only be licensed with the version of LicenseServer that is the latest at the time of the Altova product's release. However, older versions of Altova products will work with newer versions of LicenseServer.


Consequently, if you are installing a new version of an Altova product and if your current LicenseServer version is not the latest, then de-install the older LicenseServer version and install the latest version from the Altova website. All registration and licensing information held in your older version of LicenseServer will be saved at the time of de-installation to a database on your machine, and will be imported automatically into the newer version of LicenseServer.


If you choose to install a newer version of LicenseServer without first de-installing your older version, then the older version will be de-installed automatically by the LicenseServer installer before the newer version is installed.


The version number of your LicenseServer is given at the bottom of all tabs of the LicenseServer configuration page.


Also see: Updating LicenseServer


Restart of server machine is not required

After LicenseServer has been installed, the machine on which it has been installed does not need to be restarted. Make sure, however, that LicenseServer has been started as a service on the server machine (see next section).


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