Altova LicenseServer

The Miscellaneous pane (screenshot below) provides additional functionality that might be useful. Click Save after changing any of these settings.




Show hints for receiving and deploying evaluation licenses

Checking this box (see screenshot above) displays, at the top of the configuration page, brief instructions about how to evaluate and deploy evaluation licenses.


Send a warning email if contact with a running product is lost

A warning message is sent from the From address to the To address if a connection with a product that is licensed and running is lost.


The Send a warning email option toggles on/off the sending of emails each time that contact between LicenseServer and a licensed product (running on a client machine) is timed out. A timeout occurs when the period between two connection events from client to server exceeds a certain predefined interval that cannot be modified. (Note that contact is always initiated by the client.) For example, in the case of desktop-product clients, this predefined interval is one minute. If the client does not make contact with the server for more than one minute since its last contact, then the connection times out and an email alert is sent. If connection is re-established and is followed by another timeout, then another email alert will be sent. As a result, if your network is experiencing disruptions, then it might happen that a large number of email alerts are sent. In this case, switch off the Send a warning email option. Note that this option relates only to contact between LicenseServer and a client. It does not relate to the connection between LicenseServer and the Master LicenseServer at So, even if the option is switched off, email alerts about a lost connection with the Master LicenseServer will still be sent.


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