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License Check-outs

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Clients can check out a desktop product license from the license pool for a period of up to 30 days so that the license is stored on the product machine. (The maximum amount of allowed check-out time—not exceeding 30 days—is specified in the License Checkout setting of the Settings tab.) This enables a client to work offline, which is useful, for example, if the client will be working in an environment where there is no access to Altova LicenseServer (such as when the Altova product is installed on a laptop and product use is required during travel). The actual license check-out is carried out on the client side, from the Software Activation dialog of the product's user interface. The client's ability to check out a license, however, is subject to check-out having been enabled on the server side (in the Settings tab).


License check-outs are available for desktop products only. If the license being checked out is a Installed User license or Concurrent User license, then the license is checked out to the machine and is available to the user who checked out the license. If the license being checked out is a Named User license, then the license is checked out to the Windows account of the named user. License check-out will work for virtual machines, but not for virtual desktop (in a VDI).


Note:When a Named User license is checked out, the data to identify that license check-out is stored in the user's profile. For license check-out to work, the user's profile must be stored on the local machine that will be used for offline work. If the user's profile is stored at a non-local location (such as a file-share), then the checkout will be reported as invalid when the user tries to start the Altova application.


While the license is checked out, LicenseServer displays the license as being in use, and the license cannot be used by any other client. The license automatically reverts to the checked-in state when the check-out period ends. Alternatively, a checked-out license can be checked in at any time via the Check in button of the product's Software Activation dialog.


License check-ins must be carried out to the same major version of the Altova product from which the license was checked out. So make sure to check in a license before you upgrade your Altova product to the next major version.


To check out a license from the license pool to your product machine, go to the Help menu of your Altova desktop product and select Software Activation. Refer to the user manual of your Altova product for more information.


Note:License check-out is not available for server products.


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