Altova LicenseServer

You can select whether to allow desktop licenses to be checked out from the license pool to the machine on which an Altova desktop product is installed. If you allow this, then a client that has acquired a license from your LicenseServer can check out this license and remain unmonitored for any period up to the maximum period you specify in this setting. The maximum allowed period for check-outs is 30 days. (This enables a client to continue using that Altova desktop product even when access to LicenseServer is not possible (say, when traveling) or when LicenseServer monitoring is not wanted for technical reasons.) The client can do the check out via the Help | Software Activation command of the Altova desktop application.



This setting in LicenseServer does the following:


It enables license checkout

It specifies the maximum number of days for which checkout is allowed


After a license has been checked out, it is moved to the Checked-out Clients section of the Client Monitoring tab. A checked-out license is considered to be in use, and it will not be available for use by any other client on the network.


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