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Altova MobileTogether Server 

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Welcome to MobileTogether ServerĀ®

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MobileTogether Server serves MobileTogether solutions to client mobile devices. It runs on MS Windows, Linux, and macOS machines.


MobileTogether solutions are created in Altova's MobileTogether Designer application and are deployed from MobileTogether Designer to MobileTogether Server.

The MobileTogether Client app that is installed on client mobile devices then accesses MobileTogether solutions that are deployed on a MobileTogether Server.


MobileTogether Server has an easy-to-use Web UI that provides management of server processes and logs. This user manual describes how to set up MobileTogether Server and manage its processes.




Current version: 7.2 


This documentation

This documentation is organized into the following sections:



Setting Up MobileTogether Server

Server Procedures

Web UI Reference

Command Line Usage


Also see: Demo videos about MobileTogether Server.



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Last updated: 1 December 2020


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